Hair Restoration


Is Hair Restoration with PRP Right For You?

If you’re looking for a hair restoration solution that is drug-free and minimally invasive, we have a treatment that will give you what you need. Most conventional hair restoration treatments are either highly invasive or come with side effects that you’d much rather do without.

Our platelet-rich plasma treatments for hair regrowth will help boost your self-confidence and revive thinning hair without the common pitfalls of conventional treatment.

PRP Microneedling For Hair Restoration & Regrowth

Most products and procedures designed to help with hair regrowth simply aren’t good enough to get the job done. Either they’re highly invasive and create the risk for infection, they are loaded with side effects, or they just don’t work at all.

Both men and women with thinning hair need products and treatments they can count on to get great results and to keep themselves healthy. PRP microneedling is a hair regrowth treatment that’s relatively new but has shown promising results. Since the treatment uses a sample of your own blood, you don’t have to worry about invasive transplants or potentially risky medications. You can just have your hair restoration treatment and get on with your day.

What is PRP?

The main ingredient in PRP microneedling is platelet-rich plasma. This is a product that’s created when a sample of your blood is placed into a centrifuge to spin at high speed. As it spins, the platelets and red blood cells separate, leaving behind highly concentrated PRP.

We use a special tool that consists of tiny needles to apply the platelet-rich plasma to your scalp. Most people report feeling very little discomfort, if any, because the needles are so fine. You also won’t have to concern yourself with any side effects since the treatment uses your own blood product.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Both men and women can experience hair loss, and it can be a devastating development regardless of age or gender. Statistically speaking, four out of 10 men see noticeable hair loss by their 35th birthday. And by the time they reach 60, up to 65% of men experience noticeable hair loss.

Some of the most common causes of hair loss for both men and women include:
  • Heredity and genetics – Some people are predisposed to thinning hair right from the beginning.
  • Stress and anxiety – Your hair may become thinner if you let stress get to you.
  • Hormonal fluctuation – Changing hormone levels can also affect your hair.
  • Specific health conditions – Certain health conditions have been known to cause thinning hair.
  • Certain medications – The side effects of some medications can cause hair loss.
  • Vitamin deficiencies – Being deficient in some vitamins can lead to thinner hair.

If you're a man or woman looking for minimally invasive treatments for hair restoration in Orlando, Kissimmee, St Cloud, or throughout Central Florida, call us today at (407) 344-4878 to book a no-cost consultation. We will thoroughly examine your hair and let you know if our treatments are right for you.